How to Pass the
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How to Pass the Driving Test in NSW
  • Avoid Unwanted Errors - I will show you how to avoid the little mistakes that can add up to make you fail as well as the mistakes that will cause you to fail automatically.

  • Know the Test Criteria - I will teach you the driving test requirements for New South Wales and exactly what the testing officer will be looking for throughout your test.

  • Learn the Test Manoeuvres - I will teach you a step by step process for each manoeuvre. I will also show you a simple reverse park technique that ticks all the boxes for your test.

Get Instant Access to What Some are Calling..."The Best Driving Test Preparation....EVER!" 

In this course, you will have access to everything you need to know, in order to pass your driving test. You will get access to a private Facebook group consisting of people just like you, to share experiences and information. 

I want to ensure that anyone sitting their driving test, feels confident in knowing exactly what they have to do.


Get access to the online training, from any desktop or mobile device, anywhere and anytime you like. This entire course has literally taken me over a thousand hours to create but will save you countless time and money. 


How to Pass the Driving Test is a complete, all-in-one, step-by-step course that will show you EXACTLY what the testing officer is looking for. I will show you how to tick all the boxes to meet the requirements for the Transport for NSW Driving Test. Each lesson has been created in accordance with your Learner Driver Log Book and the driving test criteria for New South Wales.


I have created this awesome course content, as if looking through the eyes of a testing officer or driving instructor. What makes this course so unique is that all of the tips, techniques and manoeuvres, are explained to you through a simple step-by-step process. Each lesson shows you what to do through actual video demonstrations.

It doesn't matter if you already have a driving instructor because the information and demonstration videos, will go hand in hand with your driving lessons without spending hundreds of dollars on additional driving lessons. If you’re a learner driver, an experienced driver re-gaining your licence or you're migrating to Australia, then this is for you. I will teach you safe and correct techniques for your test. 


I will show you EXACTLY how to pass the Transport for NSW Driving Test. This course is not a replacement for driving lessons. However, it will definitely provide you with all of the industry secrets and must-have driving test criteria, that you need to know and demonstrate to the testing officer.

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I have you covered....INSIDE AND OUT!

Each video will show you a step by step process on how to correctly perform specific skills, actions and manoeuvres for your test. I have also included video demonstrations from an aerial perspective, which will allow you to see how certain techniques are performed in a practical sense, all from a birds-eye view!

This will enable you to see how important road positioning is and what it looks like from above. Depending on the member option you choose, you will also get exclusive access to each of the test manoeuvres that you may have to complete during the driving test.


No matter which manoeuvre or action you may have to demonstrate to the examiner, I will show you how to do them correctly in order to satisfy the test requirements.


Your test just got a whole lot easier!

  • Have you already gained the relevant skills and experience with a supervising driver and just want to know the driving test criteria?  

  • Do you want to save time and hundreds of dollars on driving lessons?

  • ​Do you have an international licence and just need to know the NSW test criteria in order to convert your licence?

  • Do you want to dive straight into the core content and start learning all of the skills and manoeuvres?

If you've answered YES to any of these, you must get access to all of my driving test content.

How to use Roundabouts for your driving Test - How to Pass the Driving Test

How to Use Roundabouts

How to Reverse Park for your driving test - How to Pass the Driving Test

How to Reverse Park

Correct road positioning for your driving test - How to Pass the Driving Test

Correct Road Positioning

How to Turn correctly for your driving test - How to Pass the Driving Test

How to Turn Correctly

How to do a kerb side stop for your driving test - How to Pass the Driving Test

How to do a Kerb Stop

How to do a Three Point Turn for your driving test - How to Pass the Driving Test

How to 3 Point Turn

How to use traffic lights during your driving test - How to Pass the Driving Test

Handling Traffic Lights

How to identify and respond to hazards for your driving test - How to Pass the Driving Test

Hazard Response

and much, much more!

Course Founder & Creator - How to Pass the Driving Test

Meet Grant Savage,
 Founder & Course Creator  

Welcome to How to Pass the Driving Test. My name is Grant Savage - a qualified and experienced driving instructor with an extensive policing background in defensive driving and driver training. I want to offer my skills, extensive driving experience and expertise, to learner drivers and anyone sitting a driving test, anywhere within Australia. 

As the creator and founder of this uniquely brilliant concept course, I want to impact more lives and make a bigger difference. I want to help you!

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    I will teach you the driving test criteria and show you EXACTLY what the assessor will be looking for when completing all areas of your test.


    I will teach you all of the test manoeuvres (even how to reverse park) using simple techniques. Each manoeuvre is broken down into easy to follow step-by-step instructions.


    I will show you how to avoid the little mistakes that can and will add up to make you fail. I will also show you how to avoid the big mistakes that will cause you to fail automatically.

How to Pass the Driving Test
Stopping Distance - How to Pass the Driving Test

    Is this Course Right for You?

    My mission is to have a positive impact on more lives, and to make a bigger difference to help every student skyrocket their knowledge and become safer drivers. Anyone preparing for their driving test should be able to do so with the knowledge, skill and ability to do exactly what they need to do. Being readily equipped with this powerful information should make anyone feel calm and confident!


    • Learner Drivers

    • Supervising Drivers

    • Anyone Converting an Overseas Licence

    • Anyone needing to sit a driving test

    • Anyone regaining their licence


      • Anyone requiring an aged assessment

      • Anyone wanting a motorcycle licence

      • Anyone requiring a truck licence

      • Anyone wanting to replace driving lessons

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      • Log Book Completion

      • How to Reverse Park

      • Step by Step Techniques

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      • Hazard Perception & Response

      • Left & Right Turns for your Test

      • How to Complete a 3 Point Turn

      • How to Complete a Kerbside Stop

      • How to Use Roundabouts Correctly

      • Each Lesson Meets the Test Criteria

      • Stop, Giveway Signs & Traffic Lights

      • Safe Following & Speed Management

      • Test Requirements for Manual Drivers

      • How & When to Perform Head Checks

      • How to Avoid Making Simple Mistakes



      It doesn’t matter if you already have a driving instructor. This course membership option will go hand in hand with your driving lessons and what your instructor is teaching you. The difference is that you will already know how and what to do, meaning you can save time and money.

      • SAVE TIME

        Don't waste valuable time parked up with your instructor trying to explain how to do manoeuvres.


        Watch each lesson and practice at your own pace without feeling pressured by your instructor.


        If you feel like you are not getting enough from your instructor, this course is exactly for you.


      I pride myself on providing high quality training modules that actually work and teach people good stuff. I stand behind my product 100% and after you see what’s inside and how it will help you, you'll understand too.

      Founder & Creator How to Pass the Driving Test

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      The content in this member option, will show you the test criteria and EVERYTHING you need to know to pass the Transport for NSW Driving Test.

      Don't hold back.

      If you need assistance, don't be afraid to get in touch.

      If you're not sure about something specific relating to your driving test, make sure to drop me a line. My team and I will be happy to help. 

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